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Who We Are

Since its inception, One Hope United’s purpose has been to care for children and to ensure they grow up in safe, loving environments. Today OHU’s team of over 700 talented professionals serves thousands of children and families each year in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Florida

What We Do

Early Learning and Child Development
  • Child Care
  • Home Visiting
OHU’s Early Learning and Child Development centers are dedicated to educating, nourishing, and empowering young children and families. Our 12 Child Development centers throughout the Chicago land area serve more than 2,200 children each year. All of our eligible centers are accredited or undergoing accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)—a distinction held by only 6% of centers in the country.
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Our Home Visiting programs are dedicated to helping families develop and maintain supportive strength based, culturally sensitive relationships by providing education and guidance through consistent home visits with parents and children. Currently, OHU’s Home Visiting programs and services include WINGS, HFI, Success By 6, and Doula.
Doula Success By 6 WINGS HFI
Community-Based Family Services
  • Behaviorial Health
  • Intact Family Support
  • Youth Services
OHU offers a comprehensive spectrum of services for individuals and families in need of intensive treatment and counseling. Our programs are evidence-based and use data to inform our practices and models, with the goal of reducing the risks to a family’s safety and well-being. We know that community-based interventions and enhanced care coordination create lasting positive outcomes, and we strive to serve as advocates for the children, parents, caregivers and guardians we serve.
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OHU works with parents and children to keep their families safe, healthy and most importantly, together. Through our family preservation, counseling and other in-home and out-of-home programs, parents and guardians learn to identify and prevent potential patterns of abuse or neglect. Our qualified and compassionate caseworkers are there to strengthen ties among families, with other parents and the community at large, building a strong network of support that every family deserves.
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OHU provides outreach and counseling to troubled young people and their families through a variety of programs. We work to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system and help those who have already been through the system to successfully reintegrate into society and return to school. Our in-home services include risk and needs assessments, family meetings, parent education and crisis intervention. All programs draw upon a family’s resources to help reduce conflict and instability while creating a healthy family dynamic.
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Placement and Residential Care
  • Adoption
  • Foster Care
  • Residential
We work with children of all ages who are wards of the state due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. These children need a stable, dependable, forever home and a family they can call their own. Safe, well-educated and well-cared-for children become adults who contribute to a more prosperous community.
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Hundreds of abused, neglected or abandoned children need a stable, nurturing family where they can thrive. One Hope United recruits and trains foster parents and provides myriad supportive services to children and families. Foster parents can light a child’s path toward becoming a successful adult.
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Adolescence can be a difficult time for all young people. It’s a time of constant change, which can take its toll at home and in the classroom. Our residential care programs offer services to youth needing an intensive, structured environment.
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